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Valerie Simon, LCSW, TEP, CET III, creator of The Inner Stage®, uniquely blends her entertainment industry background with her expertise as a certified IFS therapist and certified psychodramatist. 

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Upcoming Workshops

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Workshops for Performers

Valerie created a series of experiential workshops designed to help professional performers access their creativity and spontaneity through action methods including psychodrama and IFS.  Valerie guides actors, singers, musicians, dancers, comedians, and other performers to remove any emotional blocks so they can confidently manifest more authentic performances. Workshops focus on topics such as:

Facing a Challenging Role
Taming the Inner Critic
Stage Fright (and How To Manage It)
Finding Authenticity in Your Performance
Breaking Through Emotional Blocks

Valerie is available to consult with a variety of performing groups including bands, dance troupes, theatre groups, and improv troupes. She can help with any blocks to creativity and spontaneity for Broadway/off-Broadway productions. Valerie is also available to teach psychodramatic and IFS methods to students and teachers at acting schools and universities around the world. Valerie can be emailed here for further information.

We are available both for in-person and virtual sessions.
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