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You can work with our clinicians in various contexts depending on your needs. Select which would be best for you — and contact Valerie to learn more about any of these services. 

Individual Therapy

Therapists at The Inner Stage are very skilled at creating a warm and comfortable space for people who are looking to improve their quality of life by gaining self-awareness. They work intuitively with people of all backgrounds and identifications to help them develop inner strength and focus on healing themselves. While having extensive training in psychodrama and Internal Family Systems therapy, Valerie also has broad experience in psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy, and blends these innovative approaches to help individuals resolve trauma and lead more spontaneous and creative lives.

Through experiential therapy, our clinicians guide individuals to look at adult relationship patterns and connect them to issues stemming from their families of origin. They have innate knowledge of trauma resolution and the relationship between trauma, addiction, and co-dependency. Our therapists also utilize the IFS method to enhance one’s relationship to different internal parts in order to create more harmony and self-compassion. When appropriate, clinicians incorporate both spiritual and 12-Step principles.

Valerie also is available for intensive, experiential therapy weekend sessions for those interested in jump starting their healing process.

Please contact Valerie for an appointment or for further information.  

Please contact Jessica here.

The Inner Stage practice suite is conveniently located in Midtown West, a block away from Carnegie Hall, with easy access to the F train stop in front of the building.

All clinicians also provide counseling via Zoom or telephone.

Group Therapy

Valerie runs several experiential therapy groups and workshops in NYC for people who want to improve their interpersonal relationships.  Valerie blends her creative arts training with psychodynamic group processing.  Valerie intuitively helps group members resolve historical issues in order to experience more fulfilling relationships.

Currently, Valerie runs a monthly, weekend female and female-identified psychodrama group for individuals who are looking to heal past traumas and lead more spontaneous lives.  She also facilitates a weekly experiential therapy group for people of all gender identifications who want to explore interpersonal relationships and heal family of origin issues.

To learn about the method without ongoing commitment, Valerie runs a low-cost, open psychodrama workshops.

Please contact Valerie for further information.  

Couples Therapy

Valerie creates a safe space for both heterosexual and LGBTQIA+ identified couples to work on any issues that are challenging their partnership. Her unique training in creative arts therapy helps couples gain insight into their own relational patterns and improve communication. One psychodramatic technique called reversing roles helps individuals gain compassion and see struggles through their partner’s perspective. Valerie also incorporates parts work from IFS to help couples learn how to identify and work through internal triggers. Valerie can help partners improve communication patterns, strengthen their bond, heal after a betrayal, or guide couples through the challenging process of separation. She is available for intensive blocks for couples who would prefer to spend a concentrated amount of time working on an issue.

Family Therapy

Valerie utilizes experiential therapy to help families stuck in relational patterns that no longer serve them. She is an expert in aiding families with addiction in their past or present, and is knowledgable about the dysfunctional system that often accompanies the disease. Valerie guides family members to expand in their communication styles and break free of painful family dynamics through parts work and psychodrama. She is available for intensive blocks for families who would prefer to spend a concentrated amount of time working on their challenges.


Valerie is an expert in facilitating intensive therapy sessions utilizing psychodrama and IFS, where individuals, couples, or families devote a larger chunk of time to experiential healing work. Her practice suite has a spacious dedicated room filled with creative arts props used to expand clients’ visions for themselves. Valerie offers half-day, full-day, or full weekend blocks which can help jump start the healing process and break any unhealthy patterns. She can coordinate with one’s ongoing therapist in order to complement the current treatment.


Conveniently located in Midtown West, a block away from Carnegie Hall, with easy access to the F train stop in front of the building. Click here for details and other transportation options.

We are available both for in-person and virtual sessions.
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