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Experiential therapies are therapeutic modalities that foster emotional healing though creative expression.  Experiential therapies include psychodrama and drama therapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, dance and movement therapy, music therapy, journal and poetry therapy, and art therapy.  One need not be an artist or performer to benefit from these methods.

Valere Simon on Psychodrama.

What is Psychodrama?

While the name psychodrama often conjures up images of an infamous Hitchcock movie, the method itself is remarkably transformative.  Psychodrama is an innovative therapeutic approach created by psychiatrist Jacob L. Moreno, who believed in the the healing power of the group.  Many who have experienced the power of psychodrama describe it as life changing.

Moreno revolutionized the mental health world with his remarkably cathartic theatre methods.  The approach, focusing on spontaneity and creativity, uses role-playing to explore internal conflicts and interpersonal relationships.  Psychodrama helps individuals tap into hidden emotions to relieve the burdens of the past.

Jacob Moreno believed that “the body remembers what the mind forgets.”  He was right.  One of the reasons that psychodrama helps heal old traumas is that they are stored in our bodies on a cellular level.  Experiential therapy helps access and heal these old wounds in a way that traditional talk therapy cannot. Psychodrama taps into the healing power of play, something that we often forget in our busy lives as adults.

One hundred years later, Moreno’s methods continue to be sought after around the world, particularly in the addictions field. Psychodrama can be used with groups, families, couples, and with individuals.

Valerie combines her extensive training in psychodrama with her certification in Internal Family Systems therapy, for a unique hybrid approach.

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Valerie runs several experiential therapy groups and workshops in NYC and online for people who want to improve their interpersonal relationships.  Valerie blends her psychodrama and IFS training with psychodynamic group processing.  Valerie intuitively helps group members resolve historical issues in order to experience more fulfilling relationships.

Currently, Valerie runs a monthly, weekend female and female-identified IFS-informed psychodrama group for those who are looking to heal past traumas and lead more spontaneous lives.  She also facilitates a weekly experiential therapy group for people of all gender identifications who want to explore interpersonal relationships and heal family of origin issues.

To learn about the method without ongoing commitment, Valerie runs an affordable open IFS-informed psychodrama workshop on the second Thursday of every month. View the calendar for upcoming workshops.

Please contact Valerie for further information.  

Therapeutic Retreats

Valerie runs intensive retreats which have personal growth components while also training professionals about the method of psychodrama.  She facilitated three psychodrama retreats in beautiful Tuscany, Italy and continues this tradition in the tranquil Hudson Valley area of upstate NY. All of the retreat hours count toward psychodrama certification or experiential therapy certification and you do not have to be a mental health professional to attend.

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We are available both for in-person and virtual sessions.
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